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Louisiana Regional Braille Challenge Announces Overall Winner!

2021 Overall Winner

Braille Challenge is the only academic competition for students who are blind and visually impaired. Students compete in 4 categories: Speed & Accuracy or Spelling, Proofreading, Reading Comprehension, and Charts & Graphs. The testing window was from January 28th – March 5th, 2021.

Louisiana Regional Braille Challenge staffers planned a unique competition this year. VI Teachers from across the state were trained by LA-AEM on proctoring/administering the test in their local schools. A couple of students were tested virtually with the help of parents. LSVI’s team hosted their annual event.  We missed all coming together for this annual event. But as our theme states “Braille Unites Us”.  It truly does.

LA-AEM hosted the first Regional Braille Challenge Virtual Awards show on March 4th. Superintendent Earnest Garrett III welcomed students, parents, families, and teachers across the state and at LSVI. Chloe Anderson, the overall winner for 2014 and 2018 shared the importance of learning braille in her life. She is currently enrolled in Anthropology at the University of North Caroline Ashville. Pam Allen, Director of LA Center for the Blind shared about her love for Braille and how important it has been to her. She encouraged the students and families to work hard at developing strong braille skills.

It was a fun-filled hour with talent from across the state. Students were able to submit videos for a Talent show. We had singers, dancers, musicians, and comedians. In the end, a singer, Niala Gatson, from Alexandria, LA won over the hearts of the judges with her beautiful song. Congratulations NIala from all of us at LA-AEM.


Apprentice 1:     1st place:  Narjis Kaimipour

                                2nd Place: Andrew Faulk

Apprentice 2:     1st Place: Oluwamayouwa Arogundade

                                2nd Place: Jacob LaBove

Freshman 1:       1st Place: MacKenzie Rogers

                                2nd Place: Grosyn Garcia

                                3rd Place: Trey Bennett

Freshman 2        1st Place: Caitly LeBlanc

                                2nd Place: Honey Garcia

                                3rd Place: Kayleigh Horst

Sophomore:       1st Place Jameyin Smith

                                2nd Place Augusta Passion

                                3rd Place Troy Mosby

Junior Varsity:   1st Place: Alexis Funk

                                2nd Place: Brianna Frickey

                                3rd Place: Jordan Young

Varsity:                 1st Place: Donavan Chasson

                                2nd Place: Lindsay Adair

                                3rd Place: Abby White


Most Improved:  Abby White

Overall Winner: Narjis Kaimipour

The video will be available soon on LA-AEM YouTube Channel.



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