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Assistive Technology Loan Program


AT Loan Policies

**Our Service Is Only Available To Louisiana Schools or Certain Agencies Working with Students with a Special Need**

  • Our assistive technology loan program allows for a “try before you buy” experience.
    Notice: Devices are loaned for trial periods only for the exclusive purpose of determining whether or not a certain type of assistive technology may benefit a student with a special need. Equipment in this lending library is the property of the State of Louisiana and its use is subject to all state and local laws and policies including SSD agency regulations and Department of Administration regulations including DOA Policy 6 pertaining to the use of state owned property.
  • Once a device is determined to be successful it is the responsibility of the LEA to purchase the equipment for the student’s use and for inclusion in the IEP, etc.
  • The device should be returned in the same condition as it was loaned and with all accessories including chargers. Our devices are always loaned with a charging cable when required so the same cable should be returned with the device.
  • Information about the device trial including its impact on student success will be collected for each loan. This information will not be shared with any outside agency beyond the SSD or LDOE. Identifying student information does not need to be shared but demographic and information on exceptionalities is collected for internal purposes and for reporting on our program to the LDOE.
  • Device trials are for a term of up to 90 days. A one-time, 2-week extension period can be requested if no other schools/systems have requested the device.
  • If a device is damaged or lost please notify the AT Specialist immediately via email of the situation. If a device is stolen it is the school/systems responsibility to complete a police report. A copy of this report must be submitted to the AT Specialist.