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Augmentative and Alternative Communication(AAC)

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Tools for Developing Communication Plans

Tammy Dupre

IEP teams are required to consider the communication needs of all students with disabilities.  In this session, we will take a look at creating a communication plan including communication mode, opportunities for communication, and classroom considerations.  Sample Communication plans will be shared.


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Sending AAC Home: Discovering Different Options to Increase AAC in All Settings

Katie Sample

In this presentation, we will discuss policies and options used throughout the state in order for students to access communication in a variety of environments. We will explore options that will range from ownership of devices, locations in which devices are utilized, training, and low technology alternatives.



Tobii Dynavox Family of Products

Patrick Brune and Blair Perry

In this workshop we will review the full range of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solutions from Tobii Dynavox, focusing on the symbol and literate AAC communicators. Through demonstration and video examples we will provide an overview of communication solutions along with a review of AAC access methods, for individuals with motor challenges. Simple next steps will be reviewed at the end of the session on how you can begin to explore the wide range of AAC communication solutions from Tobii Dynavox.


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AAC Implementation

Justin Sims

This condensed training focuses on strategies to teach and promote the use of an augmentative communication system to get students to independently initiate spontaneous, novel utterances rather than simply repeating pre-stored sentences when prompted. The strategies presented will cover a range of communication ages and abilities, including those at the level of emerging language and literacy. The teaching strategies presented are appropriate for a wide variety of devices and programs.



Do you Vizzle?

Missy Tatum

What is Vizzle?  Vizzle is a visual learning platform for students with special needs. It has a lesson library of 15,000+ lessons and alignment with state standards.  Using lesson play data, teachers can assess student comprehension and progress based on IEP goals and objectives.  Because of its flexibility, Vizzle can be customized to meet the needs/preferences of individual students and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.   Come to this session to see how Vizzle can support your students and provide teachers with valuable data collection.


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