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Deaf/Hard of Hearing

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Low Level Readers: An Overview of the Failure Free Reading Program

Ashley Greene-Woods

The Failure Free Reading program is a great supplemental material that is non-phonics based and is geared towards supporting low level readers. The online version includes audio, sign, and print for each word, making it accessible for both deaf and hard of hearing students. Additionally, the online version can be done at home at the child’s own pace, making it a great supplemental material for virtual learning. A brief case study of the program’s use with a teenager will be included to provide insight into its benefits.

The Deafness Exceptionality: Is There More?

Megan Wimberly

Have you ever had a deaf or hard of hearing student that struggled academically and you could not figure out why? Maybe you assumed it was just because the student was deaf or hard of hearing. Were there any suspicions that the student may have additional disabilities? This presentation will include discussions on the difference between language deprivation and DeafDisabled, intervention strategies, and recommendations for assessment techniques.


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How to Accommodate DHH Students During Online Learning

Laura Kliebert  & Tiffany Trascher

In this session participants will learn about strategies and programs to help accommodate Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in mainstream classrooms. 

Fairview Learning Curriculum

BB Stirling

The Fairview Learning program is designed specifically for students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. It significantly increases Reading vocabulary development, spelling skills, both expressive and receptive ASL skills, overall writing skills, link ASL and English, increase student awareness of ASL, and better understanding of multiple meanings for words. Participants will experience how the program functions, fun trial runs with multiple meanings, and ASL applications to common bridges.

Communication Strategies for Pre-Linguistic Deaf Disabled Students

Marissa Ramos and Amy Baxter

Do you work with a Deaf student with multiple disabilities and emerging language skills? In this presentation, we will discuss creative strategies to connect with your student, use research-based language strategies, and support your student’s social-emotional wellbeing. (Applicable to pre-k through high school)

Maximizing Differentiated Instruction for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

Heidi L MacGlaughlin

This session will share how educators in the field of Deaf/HH education will maximize the potential for student success by using various effective strategies in differentiated instruction. It will give educators different ways to motivate, challenge, and provide meaningful experiences for Deaf/HH children in K-12 settings and allow them to respond to the diverse needs of the students in their classrooms.