Deaf and Hard of Hearing Outreach K-12

According to Louisiana’s Early Hearing Detection and Intervention data, there are about 1,100 Deaf and Hard of Hearing children birth to 22.


The K-12 Outreach program consists of a variety of services and resources to meet the unique needs of teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing students across Louisiana.

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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Guidelines

The Louisiana Special School District is working to develop Louisiana state guidelines for educational professionals working with students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. These guidelines will provide resources and research based suggestions focused on enhancing student attainment of educational standards and IEP goals.  A committee is being formed to ensure these guidelines reflect the needs of students and educational professionals statewide. This committee needs to be composed of various educational professionals to ensure all aspects of the educational programming are considered. Such professionals may include teachers of the Deaf, educational interpreters, Speech and Language Pathologists, Audiologists, administrators, special education teachers, IEP facilitators, counselors, pupil appraisal professionals or other related service staff.  Professionals are encouraged to apply to participate by April 10. 


Services provided by the K-12 Deaf and Hard of Hearing Outreach program consist of educational consultations, professional developments, training, ASL support, curriculum support, IEP support, etc. Please use the Service Request Form  to request services.