Sample partnership services

Leadership Accessibility Toolbox

This package will focus on supporting district level teams to improve the process of assistive technology decision – making for both traditional and distance learning models. With our leadership accessibility toolbox guidance, students with disabilities can successfully access grade level content by removing barriers with the use of informed decisions on accessible materials and technology.

Teacher’s Accessibility Toolbox

This comprehensive package will support school system teams by increasing accessibility to the curriculum with a focus on building teacher capacity to leverage annotated lesson plans and the use of AT in the delivery of high – quality instruction as it relates to students with disabilities. Our teacher’s accessibility toolbox package will focus on ensuring access to grade level curriculum and mastery for students with disabilities whether in the classroom or in a distance learning environment.

Giving All Students a Voice

Using AAC to Access the Curriculum

This comprehensive package will support school system teams to address the use of communication devices to provide access to on grade level content for students with disabilities in the traditional classroom or in a distant learning environment. Examples of low tech, mid tech and high tech supports for users of communication devices will be covered. These systems can be implemented to increase access to high-quality curriculum across settings.

AT and Ed Tech

Support Curriculum Access and Meaningful Engagement

Custom Package