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2023 Braille Challenge

Every year, each state host the Braille Challenge where students who are visually impaired or blind compete with each other across the state. Braille Challenge is the only academic competition of its kind for students who are visually impaired or blind. Any student who can read and write braille in grades 1-12 are eligible to participate. The winner gets to go to California in the summer to compete in the National Braille Challenge.  


1st place: Se’yon Bernard

2nd Place: Destiny Monk

3rd Place: Amarion Rushing





1st Place: Isabella Braud

2nd Place: Shawn Brady

3rd Place: Andrew Faulk


1st Place: Narjis Karimipour

2nd Place: Mackenzie Rogers

3rd Place: Grosvin Garcia


Junior Varsity

1st Place: Brock Keiser 

2nd Place: Jordan Young

3rd Place: O’Marrice Butler


1st Place: Wendelldrick Gatson

2nd Place: Dylan Simon

3rd Place: Trinity Schley


2022 & 2021 Winner


2020 & 2019 Winner


2018, 2016, & 2015 Winner


2017 Winner

 Permission Slip 

After filling out the permission slip, make sure to email it to Robin King

Permission Slip

Proctor Handbook

More information on proctoring the event.


Braille Institute

To get more information on the National Braille Challenge, visit the Braille Institute website.