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Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment


Cortical visual impairment (CVI) is a form of visual impairment caused due to damage to the visual centers of the brain. Even though the child is looking at an object, the brain is unable to process the object. Read more about CVI…

A specific visual functioning is identified with regard to each characteristic.

Phase 1

CVI Range 0-3

Need to build consistent visual behaviors

Phase 2

CVI Range 3-7

Integrating vision with function

Phase 3

CVI Range 8-10

With interventions, using vision for learning

Roman Word Bubbling

Multiple small plastic animals on multi-colored camouflaged background


To search for the CVI books created by educators across Louisana, search on our website by the name of the book or by the phases. 

Scaffolding Tool: Word Bubbling

Path to Literacy: A place where people across the world post a blog sharing their tips, strategies, and resources.  

APH: A place where you can purchase tools and resources. 

Meet Cindy Champagne

Cindy Champagne works in the field of blindness education, working with children ages birth-21 in Early Intervention and in schools.  She is also the parent of a blind son who has retinitis pigmentosa. Cindy is a Board Member of the Louisiana Parents of Blind Children and also of Professionals in Blindness Education.
Cindy holds a Masters in Teaching Blind Students. She also holds a National Certification and Unified English Braille.  While her interest in supporting children with blindness and their families arose from her experiences with her son who has an ocular impairment, she quickly learned from the parents of children with CVI that the current field of blindness education was lacking in the knowledge base to assist these particular families and their children.  
Get in Touch with Cindy:
phone: 225-240-0090