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Louisiana Braille Program

Angola Braille program

Angola Prison Braille

LA-AEM (Louisiana-Accessible Educational Materials) and the Louisiana Department of Corrections have partnered to create a Braille prison program. The program is housed at Angola State Prison. Currently, 25 offenders have started working on UEB Certification offered by the National Federation for the Blind (NFB) and Library of Congress. It takes close to 2 years to complete the 19 lessons and the final project, a 35 braille page transcription. 

Locked with a Purpose

Locked with a Purpose is a blog about Angola Prison Braille. This blog is the story of Angola’s Braille Prison Program and the people, challenges, and successes involved in creating a braille prison program. Our mission is to provide quality braille using UEB NLS Transcribers at Angola State Prison. Our goal is to build our state’s capacity to provide high-quality braille materials for students in our state. We are excited about the positive potential impact on Angola and our students in Louisiana.

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Meet the NLS Transcribers

LA-AEM Braille Prison Program-Robin

Robin is a dreamer and believes everyone has a purpose. She has been working with and advocating for students with disabilities since her son was born with Spina Bifida. She is the Director of the Accessible Educational Materials center for Louisiana.  She earned the NLS Transcribing Certification so she could partner with the Louisiana Department of Corrections and create the Braille Prison Program at Angola. 

Robin King 

Director of LA-AEM

LA-AEM Braille Prison Program-Nab

Nabiha is ambitious and loves challenges.  She comes from a background in teaching middle and high school math. She also holds NLS Transcribing Certification and plans on working towards her Nemeth certification. Nabiha believes that there is no better feeling than to know that what the Braille Prison Program will impart will affect multiple students through others in perpetuity.

Nabiha M

VI Regional Specialist

Department of Corrections

DOC has been a huge support in assisting the Angola Braille Program dream. This program wouldn’t be in place if it wasn’t for DOC.

National Braille Prison

Do you know that there are Braille Prison Programs throughout the nation?  NPBN assists with the braille prisons programs.

Special School Districts

Special School District (SSD) is providing support to assure students with visual impairments have accessible materials.