What’s New in AAC?

March 27, 2023 0 By Katie Sample

AAC News

Picture of a tablet and phone with a picture of communication software on both

NEW AssistiveWare Apps!

Proloquo and Proloquo Coach

  • More motor planning, color orientation, subscription based and free companion app
  • Can go on an ipad and iphone
  • Monthly $9.99, annually $99.99, proloquo license (extra trial month in april for ASD acceptance month)
  • Learn more here

Communication software displayed with various symbols and core vocabulary

NEW Speak For Yourself Changes and Features Coming Soon!

Speak For Yourself has a new overlay coming soon!

  • The new update will also include many updated features including updated visuals (No more YouTube for “You”!)
  • LA-AEM has converted this new overlay on lowtech support such as a 8×11 core board, lanyard, removable core board, and poster size (These are available upon request)
  • Request yours here

A visual saying aac now! communicator

CoughDrop has joined Forbes AAC

Core board with various visuals and vocabulary associated with each visual

TD Snap Motor Plan Page Set

  • Access words in three navigations or less
  • Two grid sizes available: Motor Plan 30 and 66
  • Available in updated TD Snap
  • Learn more here

various color rectangles with core vocabulary sets and apps

Download Grid 3!

  • Download Grid 3 on your laptop and for ipad with an Evaluator License Request
  • Requests are accepted from certified Speech Language Pathologists, AT specialists, other AAC clinicians, and students studying speech language pathology or occupational therapy
  • Find the evaluator license request here

AAC News from ASHA

blue background with 2 people speaking and soundwaves coming from their mouths

Communication Bill of Rights

American board of augmentative and alternative communication, march 23, 2016, AB-AAC, specialty certificatoin, aacspecialist.org


Not so new, but did you know?

Title of story: I like bears green, red, yellow, and blue toy bears; visual and words for like, want, not, go on the bottom of the page

Tarheel SHARED Reader

  • Emphasizes shared reading will appear in the book 
  • Can insert core/fringe words of choice
  • Words will appear in the book and can prompt and model sentences
  • Start creating and finding books here

White background with red-orange in the top left corner with a white outlined apple, and a red-orange outlined compass in the middle

Pathways App

"use your core" #corevocabulary, gold circle outlining with green leaves. eaten apple showing the core of the apple in the middle

Another Core Word of the Week Resource!

Aqua background, whiteboard written down, whiteboard with an stick figure of an arm in black lines wiping away blue letters of ABC

Create a Whiteboard in Touch Chat!